Skaska – an oral story with elements of fantasy that was passed down from generation to generation. (ref. Serbian dictionary)

Skaska, brandy that creates a fairy tale

Tradition is usually perceived as something out-dated, as a witness to the past that everyone understands in their own way. Some with wistfulness, others with indifference, but the majority still – with pride! Because, whether we want to admit it or not, tradition is the art of living! No matter how much it is disputed or forgotten, it persists; it is passed down from generation to generation, as the greatest treasure or a family secret. Tradition is the oath of the Serbian host. The most important legacy for his son. An oath to be the best, only not for others, but for himself. An oath to take care of his home and his neighbours, because the Serbian host knows that this is the greatest wealth! The real wealth is to celebrate work, but also to rest and enjoy. And when the Serbian host welcomes guests, he traditionally does it the best! So that he can be proud! And pride for the Serbian host is unimaginable without traditional Serbian plum brandy. Because plum brandy is not just a brandy – it is a tale about the best, bluest plum orchards, about work, about calloused hands of hosts, about dreams and untold stories…
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Plum brandy is the folklore of the Serbian tradition. Everything starts and ends with it. We are born with it, we rejoice, build, grieve, bury… we welcome people and see them off with it. It identifies us and characterizes us. It is always the same, but also completely different. Each new host makes it specific, his own. Each host tried to make his plum brandy the best, because it represented both him and his home. It has become part of identity and recognition of generations. Experience and love for making plum brandy has become an art. And art is not created overnight! Our art of creating plum brandy is based on the tradition of generations that have carefully and patiently studied where the best plums grow. These generations taught us to pick the most beautiful, clean and ripe plums for brandy. Not rotten and mouldy ones! Because gold is to be made! Gold that will remain silent for years in barrels. And then … it will tell the most beautiful tale. The tale of the Serbian host, of everything that he kept silent about while he was dreaming by the pot still – about the wedding for his first-born son, about his grandchildren, about the oath, about the most sacred Serbian heritage – to welcome and see people off, to quench their thirst and feed them, to refresh everyone’s soul – and all that is, for the Serbian host, unimaginable without plum brandy!
Our Skaska plum brandy holds the secret of our ancestors, their hopes and desires, everything that they taught us, but also the most important thing – plum brandy is them, and it is us! Our Skaska plum brandy celebrates life, celebrates tradition, preserves what is the best – a hard-working Serbian host who creates everything with pride and dignity! When we say that we make plum brandy in the traditional way – we mean tradition in this sense.
That is why Skaska will tell you what other brandies cannot…
“There’s an ache in Skaska. The ache of that unfortunate fellow, who held a plum bathed in the rain drops of St. Elijah in his palm. There’s a pain in Skaska. Pain in the face that looks to the heavens and prays to old Gods and to the New God, to protect a flower petal in March, shyly budded like a girlie between the two annual village mobs. There’s a loyalty in Skaska. The loyalty of friends vowed to reach the nectar of perfection. There’s love in Skaska. Love at first drop, from frosted glass. Cheers.”
Ognjen Avlijaš
The author of Vineyard of Mehmed-beg and Walker in the place